Vinayji is an established philosopher and self-management expert. He plunged into full time study of Vedanta at an early age of 16. His teachings are backed by over twenty-five years of full time study & research to practical application in day to day living.

His inspiring oration transforms complex Vedic principles into simple practical tools for living. His appeal lies in his presentation of these Truths with absolute precision, effortless ease and consummate wit.

His tireless works in India & abroad has captivated and inspired people to commit themselves to a higher ideal and transform their lives to be more purposeful.

His multi-tasking abilities combined with his devotion, dedication & commitment has comprehensively laid the Wisdom Foundation. Being an athlete, he regularly participates in marathons, besides a daily schedule of yoga and Badminton.

Above all, Vinayji stands as a testimony to youths, for dynamic living of higher values.